I LOVE YOU, PHILLIP MORRIS has a certain healthy quirkiness to it that somehow manages to feel both fresh as well as comfortable. Although the film doesn’t take any dramatic risks, it manages to tell its story in a very succinct and enjoyable fashion, often balancing and shifting the tone in order to put the audience slightly off their guard: co-directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa infuse the film with a compellingly dark sense of humor that make these tonal shifts seem appropriate, original and earned.

The cast, luckily, is quite strong, giving the story the heart that it demands: while McGregor plays a phenomenally convincing gay man, Carrey effectively balances the razor-thin line between his early career hijinkery and the more dramatic fair that he has recently delved into. The result is one of his most impressive performances to date.

Ultimately, the film takes a slightly dark look at the cyclical nature of destructive relationships and how this destruction can actually come from a place of real love and affection. It may be true that a tiger is incapable of changing its stripes, but there may be some solace to be found in the idea that striped fur bears no relevance on the size of a tiger’s heart.


d.a. garabedian



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