Micro-Review: Zeus’ BUSTING VISIONS

Zeus continues their personal brand of diverse indie-rock with BUSTING VISIONS, the follow-up to their excellent full-length debut, SAY US. And, as on their debut, the group shows no signs of abandoning their positional musical chairs philosophy: the members pick up and play whatever instrument seems appropriate in the moment, even switching lead vocals on a track-by-track basis. The result is a similarly diverse and distinct sounding album, where each song is shaped by how the members chose to arrange their talents. Staccato guitar lines, piano flourishes and bouncing bass-lines swirl around with reckless abandon, feeling somehow both impeccably designed and haphazardly loose at the same time. There’s no denying the impressive musicianship here – each instrument dances in and out of the composition, falling a beat behind here and leaping a bar ahead there as the rhythm and tempo speeds up and slows down on a whim.

One gets the nagging suspicion that Zeus is the kind of band that was designed specifically for the live show, a relic from an era long past. It’s almost as if the music paints a picture of the swaying crowd, singing together in unison and relishing the moment. And this is where BUSTING VISIONS succeeds so impressively: it is an album made specifically for the indie-rock crowd that values musicianship, talent and feel-good moments over the cookie-cutter, predetermined emotion so commonly found in contemporary music. Here, the listener is encouraged to make their baggage a part of the experience, and find unique emotion in the songs because they brought it there with them.

There’s something remarkably triumphant about that.

Standout tracks: “Are You Gonna Waste My Time?”, “With Eyes Closed”, “Hello, Tender Love”.


d.a. garabedian


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